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Step 6 for Reversing Reactive Hypoglycemia: Use Nutritional Supplements

Once you have targeting the underlying problem of your bout with reactive hypoglycemia you can then begin your journey to heal. As mentioned in Step 5: Target Your Underlying Problem you learned that the body's control systems; digestive and endocrine, are negatively impacted by years of excessive refined sugar and carbohydrate intake due to a typical diet of processed foods - packaged, canned, frozen - , fast foods, and foods containing refined sugar such as candy and desserts. This type of diet weighs heavily on the pancreas, liver, and adrenal glands.

You can use diet, vitamins and minerals, herbs, and body detox/cleansing to rebuild and restrengthen the functions of the systems responsible for managing the glucose in the blood. Let's get started!

The foods you eat can help strengthen your body systems and keep them healthy. Here are 10 Foods for a Healthy and Clean Liver, 14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver, Healthiest Foods for the Pancreas and Foods That Will Heal the Pancreas, and Eating to Support Your Adrenal Glands.

You may notice that most of these articles suggest many of the same foods for liver, pancreas, and adrenal health. In turn, it is a safe bet that they also support the rest of the digestive and endocrine systems.

The body no doubt needs vitamins and minerals to function properly. Food contains the nutrients you need when you have a balanced nutritional intake but sometimes it may be necessary to supplement your nutrition to ensure your body is getting what it needs. It is possible that something is causing your body's inability to absorb the nutrients you're taking in. One missing element can wreak havoc on your body's control systems and their ability to function properly.
  • A multivitamin supplement should provide you with the extras you need. The AARP Vitamin Guide may be helpful in learning about the benefits of each vitamin. Vitamin E, A and C are most beneficial to hypoglycemics and diabetics because they assist in controlling blood sugar.
  • B-Complex vitamins are supplements containing all eight B-vitamins. They are known to be a big help for people with reactive hypoglycemia because this condition impacts mental health and energy levels. B vitamins are critical for cell energy production by burning fats and glucose for energy, stress management, ease of depression and anxiety, and all things mind-related.
Minerals are an essential part of a healthy diet. You get minerals by including plants in your diet and plants get them from the soil they live and grow in. Extra amounts of the following minerals may be helpful:
  • Chromium is responsible for insulin's ability to transport sugars. Most foods today are very low in chromium. Some multivitamins contain chromium.
  • Selenium is critical for the detoxification of all toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as mercury from the body.
  • Zinc is also essential for proper pancreatic function.
Liver Cleansing
Liver cleansing and detoxing your body is beneficial in getting a clean start before beginning an herbal regimen or other treatment intended to restore and rebuild the function of the liver. Not all livers are created equal. If you have years of alcohol abuse, it is possible to experience liver failure. Once failed, it can not be revived.

Body Detoxing
The body becomes a storage unit of chemicals, toxins, and harmful substances that have no release due to inflammation of the gut, clogging of the arteries, malfunction of the liver or other body systems, and congestion of the bowels. This systemic retention of toxins can lead to a multitude of health problems, illnesses and disease. Body detoxing is a way to rid your body of toxins and the junk that congests your gut, constipates your bowels, and clogs your arteries. There are many ways to detox and it may include a combination of diet, increased water intake, juicing, herbs, herbal teas, rest, and exercise.

For rebuilding the pancreas and glandular support, the Pro Pancreas formula is my choice. It is a herbal remedy that includes an herbal combination of:
  • Golden seal root (extract) is famous as an immune booster and also helps the body regulate blood sugar. 
  • Juniper berries (cones) amplify golden seal and benefit the liver, gallbladder and (along with uva ursi) the urinary system. 
  • Cedar berries (cones) and nettle leaves bolster these benefits. 
  • Mullein leaves (extract), slippery elm bark, marshmallow root and yarrow aerial parts help soothe irritated body tissues, especially in the respiratory and digestive systems. 
  • White oak stem inner bark helps firm up tissues, while dandelion root strengthens the liver and provides needed minerals. 
  • Licorice root and capsicum fruit amplify all the other elements while providing their own benefits to improve digestion and energy.
The Pro-Pancreas Formula provides many needed nutritional compounds, supporting several body systems simultaneously - digestive, glandular, respiratory, urinary and immune. These systems interrelate to control blood sugar levels, aid blood cleansing and provide protection from toxic or microbial attack.

Step 7:  Correct Other Related Contributors

Linked recommended readings are for informational and learning purposes only. This blog post is based on the personal experiences and expressed opinions of its author. The information is not intended to replace your doctor's recommendations and advice. If you experience severe low blood sugar, seek emergency help.

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