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Hi! My name is Wanauma and this is my blog. Or should I say, my name is Wanauma and I am a recovering reactive hypoglycemic. Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting! You're here because you may be crying out for help, looking for a diagnosis of your symptoms, trying to find a hypoglycemic treatment plan, or seeking more information to learn about reactive hypoglycemia. I've read countless forums and message boards about this condition, most of which include people just like you and me reaching out for help and answers in desperation to rid themselves of the symptoms associated with this condition.

While reactive hypoglycemia may seem like a never ending battle and your world may appear to be crashing down on you, there is hope. My symptoms began many years ago but I never connected them to a health condition. I always received a good bill of health at doctors visits and no one could ever explain why I felt the way I did - exhausted with constant brain fog. I always described this feeling to people by saying I feel like I'm not here. There was a definite disconnect.

1973 - I was a formula fed baby. I didn't discover until 2013 that the cycle of developing hypoglycemia can start in the belly based on the diet of the mother, and can continue through daily feedings of baby formula. Some baby formulas contains high amounts of sugar and corn syrup. Read this blog post by Trisha Haas on titled Why is there sugar in my baby formula?

1997 to 1999 - In my early 20's I participated in a study for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia hoping to find a diagnosis for my constant exhaustion and body pain but I never received answers that would connect this to hypoglycemia.

Year Unknown - I developed a sensitivity to fragrances and pretty much anything that had a chemical scent in my mid to late 20's. I learned later that the name for this was Multi-Chemical Sensitivity. This condition caused me to lose much of what I considered life. It impacted where I worked, who I spent time with, and where I went such as malls and shopping centers. My symptoms included an instant headache, blurry vision, eye strain, dizziness, brain fog, ringing in the ear, inability to concentrate/focus, and my mood was affected. It became worse between 2011 and 2013 due to a greater exposure to chemicals such as colognes, car fresheners, deodorant, plug in home fresheners, household cleaners, bug spray, etc. I believe this contributed greatly to the level of toxicity in my body and an increase in symptoms.

2009 - I realized I had a sugar addiction in 2009 (headaches, could no longer taste sweet, 10 or more packets of sugar in one small cup of tea), and as smart as I thought I was, I eliminated white sugar from my diet entirely thinking that would be the cure all. While it was a great big step, it wasn't close to being the answer.

Forwarding to 2013, the year I finally made the connection between what I was eating and the symptoms I was experiencing. For the most part, I ate fairly healthy (in my previous opinion). I rarely ate meat other than fish and the occasional chicken breasts, I loved fruits and vegetables, and I had a passion for desserts and all things sweet. I drank alcohol socially and I enjoyed tea on a daily basis. One might look at my previous diet and think that I was doing great. However, as I've learned, I was far from it.

In 2013 I began to get dizzy nearly every time I ate something. It became so bad that the moment I placed food in my mouth before having a chance to swallow, I would get a sudden head rush. I noticed that shortly after I drank a cup of tea I would feel weird. I could barely get out of bed without feeling completely exhausted and weak. I walked around with a weird "out of my body" feeling that I attributed to my extreme sensitivity to fragrances and smells. Despite being stressed out about my personal life for a stretch of 2 years, I always managed to maintain a strong stance, but this was different and I was becoming depressed and couldn't understand why. The most difficult aspect of my failing health was that the person closest to me was unable to understand or sympathize.

As I stated previously, I'd like to think that I'm a smart girl, so I started Google searching my symptoms and digging into forum discussions. I eventually linked my symptoms to reactive hypoglycemia (this is not a recommendation to self-diagnose). I was relieved but also horrified. How could I have reactive hypoglycemia? What is it exactly? I researched, I learned, and I took action. What I discovered amazed me. Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, addiction to sugar, silver mercury dental fillings, sensitivity to fragrances and smells, and a host of other symptoms related to food were my links.

Devising a plan to rid myself of this condition was priority. My first step was to understand reactive hypoglycemia and its relationship to food. I read many blogs, articles and commentary such as Hypoglycemia - A Hidden Hell, which explains hypoglycemia so well and watched videos like Sugar: The Bitter Truth, which explains why sugar is toxic and how it breaks down our body's ability to process glucose properly. I also had to pinpoint the source of hypoglycemia, which I've learned is a big symptom of an underlying health issue -- a weakening of the pancreas caused by improper diet.  I eliminated simple sugars of all kinds, lowered my carbohydrate intake, increased my protein consumption, and adopted a vitamin and herb regimen; One A Day, Pro Pancreas, and B-Complex.

Next, I had to take note of which foods were causing my symptoms so that I could develop a reactive hypoglycemic food plan that was tailored just for me. After 3 weeks of following a strict diet, incorporating herbs and vitamins, and sticking to a food plan, I was on my way to feeling better. My vision slightly improved, I began to have energy throughout the day, my symptoms were minimal, and I started to think more clearly. I can only imagine what I'll feel like a year, two years from now. I understood from the onset that it took a lifetime to develop this condition and it will take some time to cure it.

I created this blog based on my personal experience with reactive hypoglycemia and the wealth of misinformation online about how to properly treat and cure this massive symptom. Yes -- I believe there is a cure! I concluded that I could contribute my research and personal experience as I go through the journey to help others just like me who are possibly confused, without medical insurance, afraid, and unsure of how to tackle this condition and its many symptoms.

As you read through my blog you'll notice links to many resources and third-party articles which are intended to further educate you and help you to identify your best path to become a healthier you. I do not intend to tell you what you should or shouldn't do or replace your doctor's advice but to simply share the benefits of natural health as it relates to hypoglycemia and share my experience with you.

I hope you enjoy this free resource and that it leaves you in good health.

Love, Wanauma

Disclaimer: The author of this blog; Get Hypo Help, or its contributing writers do not claim in any way to be medical practitioners of any kind. The information provided in this blog is for sharing content purposes only and is not intended to be advice for any one individual. It's sole purpose is to share information and experiences.


  1. Wanauma,

    Thank you for sharing your story online. I appreciate it and it was encouraging. I hope to eventually be able to tolerate fruits again. I also have had a lifelong struggle with sugar, food and chemical sensitivities.

    God bless,

    1. Thank you Steve for your comment and you're very welcome. If we had only figured it out years ago! I hope my blog will help you in some way and I absolutely mean this...if you're having a difficult time with this and need help, reach out any time. I truly hope you're able to reverse your condition and get your health back on track.

      Greatest Success,

  2. Thanks for all this great information. Im so new to this. It makes sense now all I've been struggling for the past 9 yrs. God Blessed you, hope you are doing better. I have learn so much from this blog. =)

    1. Hi Raquel! You're so welcomed and I'm glad I could help. I'm doing fantastic by the way. I wish you the greatest success in health.


  3. Glad to find this no nonsense blog. Thank you.

  4. Hi Im glad you managed to diagnose what i am suffering from.The doctors could not find the problem despite paying them thousands of dollars. Im so thankful.i have sent you an email i would like to communicate with you and learn more.

    1. Thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear about your health.I sent you an email.

      With love,