My Symptoms

Always sleepy after a meal
Blurry vision/Eye strain/Double vision
Light headed
Motion sickness
Brain fog/Spacey
Loopy (like consuming alcohol)
Inability to focus or concentrate
Feeling nervous
Feeling depressed
Ringing in the ear
Body aches/Leg muscle spasms
Palpitations/Fast, pounding heart beat
Excessive sweating
Sensitive to ALL fragrances
Trouble sleeping (3:00am most nights)
Trembling hands
Taste and smell of metal

Undiagnosed Reactive Hypoglycemia
Mercury Toxicity (dental amalgams)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Multiple-Chemical Sensitivity

After changing my diet and introducing a vitamin - A Multivitamin Supplement + Nature Made Super B Complex and herb regimen - Pro-Prancreas to boost my immune system and rebuild my pancreas, I noticed the following improvements within 3 weeks:
  • Clearer vision - I feel like I'm connecting
  • More energy - I'm not as tired as I usually am. I'm going for walks again.
  • Less dizziness
  • Clearer thinking
  • I feel happier
  • My nails are growing; they're strong and not breaking off as easily
  • NO leg cramps or muscle spasms
  • I'm sleeping every night, straight through - this is a miracle!
  • I wake up and feel rested
  • I'm drinking more water than I ever have due to my knowledge of how the body releases toxins
  • Less hungry and longer time between meals
  • Weight loss - this is good for some but I MUST gain my weight back. I did however enjoy losing belly fat.

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