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I'm happy to share any content resource related to reactive hypoglycemia. That's what makes Get Hypo Help so informative. Just shoot me an email with a link to your website or blog and I'll take a look. Give me about 2 days to review and respond. If your content compliments mine, I'll be more than happy to include links to your content in articles and possibly in the side bar. Reciprocation is greatly appreciated. The more we share, the more aware.

Want to organize a Reactive Hypoglycemia Awareness meet-up?
Building awareness is one of my many objectives to help others prevent or reverse reactive hypoglycemia by sharing knowledge and resources. If you'd like to get a group together to discuss the many aspects of reactive hypoglycemia in an informational meet-up in the Dallas, TX or surrounding city, send me an email. The usual fee is $35 per person. *A $25 transportation fee may apply. In a 4 to 6 hour session, participants will discover, based on my story, what reactive hypoglycemia is, how to spot symptoms, an in depth look into why sugar is toxic, how to develop a hypoglycemic diet, what steps to take to treat the underlying problem,  a bonus section about Mercury Toxicity, and 101 Tips to Reverse Reactive Hypoglycemia. *Lunch may be included.

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