Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Good and Bad of Hypoglcemia Forums

Chances are you've been scouring the Internet to find help and relief of your hypoglycemia symptoms. You may have figured out by now that you have a more serious health problem lying beneath all those symptoms. If so, good for you! You've already jumped through the most difficult hoop and that is realizing that you have a health problem that must be addressed in an effort to alleviate hypoglycemia or get rid of it entirely.

As you search online you'll find many hypoglycemia forums discussing the condition. Many people from all over the world use these forums to ask questions, give advice, and share experiences. As you read countless stories about other people and their symptoms, you'll become enlightened and more in tune with your own. You'll read contradicting advice on how to care for yourself and how to treat hypoglycemia, which may confuse you at first. However, the more you read, the more you'll learn.

You'll soon - hopefully - be able to filter out the junk from the good advice that may help you. You'll be careful - I'm sure - not to use the advice given as medical advice but rather as guides toward a plan that you map out for yourself along with your doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, herbalist, iridoloist, and any other professional support system you have established. Your body is unique and the severity of your hypoglycemia is different from anyone else; therefore what works for one may not work for another, and may in fact hinder progress you've already made or make your symptoms worse.

You'll gain knowledge that you didn't have before
You'll have support from people who share your condition
You'll learn about many different symptoms and causes of hypoglycemia
You'll have access to a wealth of information such as sample diets and nutrition
You may learn what NOT to do

You'll come across a lot of bad advice
You''ll forget that what worked for one member, may not work for another

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  1. What is a good meal plan if I'm just being diagnosed with hypoglycemia?